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I’m Mei and this is my blog~! Welcome~!

^^” I probably won’t be doing much here, just uploading stuff, since I’m kind of busy myself…

Anyways, this blog contains several things I really like and I want to share like anime, Asian drama series, music I like and voice actors (for whom I have a rather expanded fascination)

よろしくおねがいしま~す!! ^__^


I really like having a blog because I want to share the things I like with people! Yay! *too happy*
Okayz, here’s some things you will find on my blog:

Nice Music
Seiyuu (Voice Actors)
Jinsei no Minna

Starting Now!


Starting Now! is Nana Mizuki’s 34th single which was released on July 13, 2016.

Underneath, you will find my translations of the songs from Angel Blossom. Because English is not my mother tongue, please kindly let me know if there are any grammatical errors: I am open for corrections and like to learn from my mistakes :-)


  1. Starting Now! (opening theme for anime Kono Bijutsubu ni ha Mondai ga Aru!)
  2. Antiphona (theme song for iOS/Android game THE TOWER OF PRINCESS)
  3. Rensou Hanabi (CM song for restaurant chain Nakau)

Seiyuu(Voice Actors)


I’m a self-proclaimed seiyuu otaku, but not an extreme one!! In my case it means that I’m a big fan of Japanese voice actors and that I have favorites and that I check which people appear in new anime series that come out. There are very extreme categories, even ones that include people that get so obsessed over seiyuu (actual people and voices) that they start stalking them… I’m not like that, I swear.

My admiration for seiyuu has gone so far that I’m actually writing my theses about them xD I wrote my BA thesis on them and now I’ve chosen seiyuu as my MA thesis topic as well. My interest was sparked when I found out how different their status was as compared to how they are seen in my country! They are actual pop idols in Japan and here in The Netherlands no-one knows their names or faces, just their voices. Also, we link their voices to other voices rather than to people. (For example: ahh Shin-chan has the same voice as Mandy from Totally Spies!! rather than ‘Melise de Winter voices both Shin-chan and Mandy from Totally Spies’. Because people will be like… ‘who?’)

I want to introduce you to some of my favorite Japanese seiyuu and tell them what I like about them and in which parts/series I like them in particular.
(I have to add that I’m not really a mainstream person, so there are a lot of voice actors who are super mainstream atm and appear in almost everything nowadays and are super popular that I don’t really like xD I prefer people who can surprise me, who are able to do a lot of different kinds of voices and have amazing variety :3) (I also have to add that I have a thing for voices and I’m particularly weak against deep, beautiful male voices x3)

All these people are on my list for different reasons so please, if you’re interested, click on them and check out my story with each and every one of them!

Hanazawa Kana
Miyano Mamoru
Sugita Tomokazu
Sawashiro Miyuki
Sakurai Takahiro
Nakamura Yuuichi
Nakai Kazuya
Okamoto Nobuhiko
Suwabe Junichi
Tomatsu Haruka
Inoue Marina
Aoi Yuuki
Koyasu Takehito
Suzumura Kenichi
Hosoya Yoshimasa
Tanaka Rie

Koi ni Ochite (Album Version)


12. Koi ni Ochite (Album version)

I fell in love with you in a fraction of a second
and the more I got to know you, the more I came to like you

From the day we met, I’ve had the mysterious feeling
that a lot of things started to change

Until I acknowledge what the reason is for that,
I want to pile up our times together more, right now it’s completely clear

If I were to grasp your hand, you would grasp mine back
If I were to touch you, you would softly embrace me
That alone is fine, that alone is fine

I can’t see you yet for a little while
We’ll see each other again soon, right? But I don’t want to be apart from you

Just by remembering, my chest becomes tighter
Even when you’re far away, you still give me so much happiness

You smiling in front of me, be it either true or a lie,
to me, that is everything and the truth
I didn’t know before we met

I remember you crouched, your words and actions
Even in that time
everything was precious

I fell in love with you in a fraction of a second
and the more I got to know you, the more I came to like you

If I were to grasp your hand, you would grasp mine back
If I were to touch you, you would softly embrace me
That alone is fine, that alone is fine

That alone is fine



11. Wasurenaide

In that time, every day was just fun
I loved everyone’s laughing voices very much
The things that we could only get at that place,
we probably have a lot of them now

Even though the person that you drew once upon a time is different from your present self
The way you walked wasn’t wrong, you can see that by looking at the people you were able to meet, right?

Don’t ever forget, from now on too
That the people you love and your friends
they all think of you as someone important

You were always able to make me have a smile on my face
So I also want you to keep smiling

If there are times you feel like you’ll lose against hardships, don’t carry it on your own
Because the fact that you have people next to you who you can get close to is a wonderful thing

Don’t ever change, from now on too
The people who you love will someday
become people you can protect

Let’s gather up with everyone like this from now on too
Because the important things are right here

The graffiti on the desks that have disappeared
Everyone’s voices echoing in the hallways
Somehow remember the lonely times

Don’t ever forget, from now on too
That the people you love and your friends
they all think of you as someone important

Don’t forget



Sore de Iinda


10. Sore de Iinda

It was a hot summer’s day and under the sun that shone above our heads
we set up our bikes and rode down the hill in one go

Saying things like ‘You don’t have to hurry so much’ and ‘I will chase after you’
even though there wasn’t anything there yet

The fact that I used to let them ride like that
was probably an expectation

Next was uphill, one person stood and started peddling
We still can’t see the other side of the peak
I wonder what is waiting there

Maybe there was nothing on that other side
We set up our bikes and rode up the hill in a trance
Just riding with all our strength, they were probably fine with that

And time passed, amidst a scenery
slightly different from that time,
I’m still riding, being carried by something, forgetting something

The way uphill that appeared is within my grasp, but
It’s not here, and I’ve become unable to ride any more
What is to become of this me?

That’s right, on a hot summer’s day, under the sun that shines above my head,
Does it look as if I can aim for that peak with my bike once more?

Maybe there is nothing, nothing on the other side
There is only one bicycle, there’s no one next to me anymore
Even so, I will ride with all my strength
Yes, surely, that’s enough for me


Kono Shiroi Yuki to


9. Kono Shiroi Yuki to

On a calm night when snow was fluttering down
The two of us
sneaked into an empty classroom

We held our breaths for the patrolling light
and before we knew it we were holding hands within the transparent gleam
Our eyes met

Even now I think about how it would’ve been if I had told you my feelings then
but as long as it remains in my memory so beautifully
I tell myself
that it might have been good that I didn’t tell you

Time passed after we separated
This year too, this town with a different scenery
is being dyed white

On a freezing night when my breath turned white
I feel like I heard your voice
But even as I turn around, you are not there

This white snow and these emotions fall and pile up in this town tonight
I wonder how many times I will think of you like this
If I were meeting you right now, would something have changed?

I used to fear taking a step forward
If you were here for me, that would’ve been fine

This white snow and these emotions will probably all melt and disappear before long
I wonder how many times I can look back, will I be able to forget you?
The snow that doesn’t stop is falling and piling up in this town
You won’t disappear from me


Suiyoubi, Moenai Gomi to Watashi


8. Suiyoubi, Moenai Gomi to Watashi

Wednesday morning, a bag in my left hand
in my right hand big unburnable garbage
Walking uncomfortably,
I get on the elevator

You were always the one
who threw out the garbage
Thinking about it,
I have never thrown out the trash even once

I don’t know where it is
My place of destination is the garbage bin
Tightly grasping the unburnable trash
My small journey begins

The elevator doors open
and I’ve arrived at the entrance of the mansion
I open the mailbox
I can see right in front of me

I remembered you
who stood behind this troublesome me
every time I opened the mailbox
Saying ‘that’s why I tell you, look more closely’

Because you are not here
the leaflets and envelopes have piled up
I have to come get them quickly
I can’t, I closed the mailbox

I finally found the garbage bin
for some reason there’s a poster
Today is Wednesday
it was the day for burnable trash

I wonder if this me
who has been spoiled by you
will experience all these things one by one from now on
Wednesday is the day for burnable garbage
the day I strongly became aware of your existence